Self Expression Through brainstorming and ideations, students like Darrel York discovered their identity as defined within a larger community. For some students the communities they associated with were fueled by food, sports, family, and music.

The Benefit of iDo

High school students are introduced to careers in design and there connections with art, product design, graphic design, mathematics and science. Students will be trained in the use of traditional design, manufacturing tools and digital technologies including Adobe Illustrator, Computer Aided Design and Computer Numeric Controlled equipment. Participation affords positive life-long learning experiences beginning with the ability to explain why they made the choices they made-leading to the finished design, and the pride each student will take in their work. Further, there is the building of relationships, interests, skills, aspirations, increased concentration spans, new communication styles, collaboration and tolerance for others through collaborative work and peer feedback.

By teaching in public high school classrooms and working in curriculum development workshops, university students are exposed to the challenges of designing, developing, and delivering an effective educational curriculum. Through these experiences university students become skilled presenters, better designers, technical writers, and more-effective managers. Of even greater benefit to the university participants is their contribution to young peoples engagement and growth within traditional high school academic environments.

iDo:Industrial Design Outreach | Fine Arts Building 419 | 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132