The Brightest Stars Students at the School of the Arts and Sciences designed and built game boards using traditional graphic design techniques. Finished game boards were displayed along side the lamp project at the annual Design & Industry student show that spring-stirring up a lot of conversation about the fantastic ability of future designers.

Board Game Project

The Industrial Design Outreach board game project was completed at the School of the Arts & Sciences, and was designed to introduce not only a common material used in design, but to also allow students to have a hands on experience with model making and the requirements of given tolerances.

When the models were completed, they were tested to measure there functionality and sustainability as a "product". The "look", or aesthetic, of the product was entirely up to the designer (students) as long as the design fell within the specifications.

iDo:Industrial Design Outreach | Fine Arts Building 419 | 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132