The iDo Curriculum Experience

iDo aspires to create unique, one of a kind lesson plans that cater to all age groups, but especially those in high school. Some of our most successful projects have been the Community Bench Project and the T-Shirt Project. Both projects have been done at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School where students tap into their unknown skills-creating works of art that were once inconceivable to them.

Other successful lessons have been completed with both elementary and middle school classes-where students learn about the history of design and how to construct a wallet made of duct tape. This brief exercise gets the wheels turning at an early age for many students, making college a goal that is obtainable by all.

Overall, iDo mentors take great pride in creating lesson plans for our students. Our goals are simple; we strive to create curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, team work, and communication in students who aspire to do the unthinkable.

Please stay tuned for more great things to come as iDo launches the kite curriculum in conjunction with the novel Kite Runner in the spring of 2009.

Kicking Off Tran, completes the first phase of the bench project-outlining her design with computer graphics software.
Thoughts? In the second phase of the bench project, students spoke about their pieces recieving feedback from peers.
Community? Students brainstormed the meaning of community, and in the end there were twenty-four unique ideas.
Constant Reminder Students mapped out their ideas on butcher paper and hung them around the room for inspiration.

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