Educator Evaluations

The iDo program has partnered with many of my High School Computer Art classes for the last four years. I was extremely excited and honored to partner with iDo for the bench project.

Students in my class from the Bayview Hunters Point area were challenged in realistic and intellectual ways to create art for their panel to form the community bench. At first our theme of community seemed too broad of a topic. As students brainstormed, they narrowed down what community meant to them. Finally each student created a design using Adobe Illustrator that defined community to them as individuals. My students thought that the steps from the word (community) into visual graphics were challenging. This taught them that in the real world (outside of high school), similar steps to form designs are used in creating a product.

For the bench project's next step, iDo reopened the woodshop room at Thurgood Marshall. Since Vocational Educational classes such as woodshops have long been abandoned, the excitement about reopening the room was generated throughout the school. Many great results formed from using the wood tools such as students now could use their hands to create or build objects instead of buying or consuming products. Also, students that may be hard to reach suddenly bloomed as they worked with wood and power tools. Some students in my class that would normally receive a C or D on their work were getting A's or B's. This was due to the power that students felt in creating a real object with their own hands and the extra help and liveliness of the iDo students constant nurturing.

Professor Linder and the iDo students gave fantastic examples of each step that motivated each student into the next phase. His excitement and dedication added to the bench project and what each student produced. iDo's student dedication was very helpful to all students in my class. Students in my class could talk with college students and many developed a clearer understanding what college life could be.

Although the bench project is not completed yet, I know that each student will produce high quality designs on their panel for the bench. The bench is beautiful and will be a great addition to Thurgood Marshall High School - representing community for years to come.


Tera Freedman, Technology Art Teacher
Thurgood Marshall Academic High School
45 Conkling, San Francisco, CA 94112

Decisions Ashley helps a student make the final revisions to his piece before transfering the design to wood.
Focused Wilson dug into his design-not loosing focus for a moment. His design was amongst the most improved.

iDo:Industrial Design Outreach | Fine Arts Building 419 | 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132