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CD Packaging Students were asked to design and construct a CD package that reflected the content of the CD within. For many students, reflection was needed on past assignments completed over a period of time. For others, they designed a package to house a documentary CD of alumni projects. Each CD package contained graphic elements that related to the content stored on the CD.

Lighting Project Students were asked to design a lighting product to be used next to their bed on a side table. In order to create their lamps, students were asked to identify the key functionalities of the product and go through a design and development process which would result in a working prototype.

Drum Design Students designed and built drums using large cardboard tubes and other materials. They also decorated their drums using glue, paper, acrylics, and other supplies that they may have found at home or in the classroom.

T-Shirt Project Students were asked to design a t-shirt that was inspired by the word "highway". "Highway" was chosen as the subject of their design since this major cityscape feature is visible from the windows of their classroom. Each student designed their t-shirt using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Community Bench Project Students designed and constructed a community bench which reflects the community with which students identify. The final full scale bench will be gifted to the school by the students for use by future generations of students.

Board Game Project Students were introduced to common materials used in design, that allow students to have a hands on experience with model making and the requirements of given tolerances. When the models were completed, they were tested to measure the functionality of their "product".

Human Lamp Josh, a iDo mentor demonstrates more than one use for the new lamp shade he made with the kids.
Self Expression Students at TMHS designed t-shirts based on the theme "highway", and what it symbolized to them.
Working Hard Students at the School of the Arts designed game boards that would be displayed at the SFSU art show.
Experimentation Students working on the light project experimented with new shapes when making their lamps.

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