"Free Falling" Prior to starting the Kite Project at Thurgood Marshall High Shcool, iDo mentors designed, built, and tested the curriculum and the structure of the kite. By completing this process college students get a feel for how the students will react to different materials and design methodologies before hand.

Kite Project

The kite project is an interdisciplinary project that develops a student's ability to take thematic content from a piece of literature, analyze that content, then create a tangible product that contains a visual representation of a major theme. The purpose behind the kite project is to enhance the traditional methods of literature analysis by allowing the students to experiment with various forms of thematic representation.

The kite project starts by having student's read a given piece of literature and identify major themes throughout the piece by referencing events from the book. Once a theme is identified and understood through discussion and analysis, the student's collect and/or create symbolic images that visually represent their theme. These images are applied to the kite skin using various mediums and will clearly symbolize their theme while flying from a distance. Lastly all students will write a summary reflecting the process from theme identification to the creation of a visual symbol that not only represents their theme, but also shows a student's understanding of the theme as a major element in the literature.

Constant reference back to the student's chosen theme, by identification, analysis, visual representation, and a written reflection, allows the students to think about the depth of content throughout a piece of literature, outside of the traditional book report.

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