Lighting the Way In the spring of 2005 students from the School of the Arts joined mentors from San Francisco State University-displaying their finished pieces at the annual Design & Inudstry (DAI) Art Show. For many students this was an eye opening opportunity where they recognized for the first time that they could build a career from their talents.

Lighting Project

Students from the School of the Arts in San Francisco were asked to design a lighting product to be used next to their bed on a side table.

In order to create their lamps, students were asked to identify the key functionalities of the product and go through a design and development process which would result in a working prototype.

At the end of the project all participants displayed their finished lamps at the San Francisco State University annual Design & Industry Art Show.

iDo:Industrial Design Outreach | Fine Arts Building 419 | 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132