Solar Lighting Project

The LED Solar Lighting project will introduce students to sustainable sources of energy and innovations in lighting technologies. Students will be trained to understand the workings of sustainable technologies through the assembly of led lamps, solar panels, and supportive electronic components.

The students will also be brought through a creative problem solving process in which they will design and fabricate enclosure systems for the lighting product. Lectures will include introductions to sustainable energy, lumens, electronics, and the established iDo design problem solving methodologies.

Currently, curriculum development and prototype production are moving forward with plans to deliver this unique project in the Fall of 2009. Other goals include executing the Solar Lighting project on an international scale with a iDo sister college. Please stay tunned as this wonderful and creative project continues to unfold.

Illuminated In The Dark In the fall of 2008 iDo mentors at San Francisco State began development of the SoLed project-essentially creating the exact design process that students will follow in the fall of 2009 when the project debuts at a local SF school. To the right is a prototype of a possible body design that the project may take on.

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