Instructor & Mentor Preparation

Much like the design process used by the high school students, instructors and mentors use a similar process when developing or revitalizing a curriculum. To start, both the mentors and instructors identify the design drivers of the project-where they lay out their specific goals. Then as a group, mentors develop a design brief, a communication brief, and a project plan.

Finally, in the last stages of preparation the actual curriculum is written, a schedule is devised, demos are developed, and prototypes are made. When all is said and done a test run of the project happens with a group of students and small changes are made to the curriculum as necessary.

Preparing for the Kickoff Prior to starting the Community Bench Project at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School, SFSU mentors spent months working on the curriculum and building 1/4 scale models of what the bench would look like when it was completed.

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