Online Community

The Industrial Design Outreach program and website is designed for children of all ages, parents, teachers, administrators, and other individuals who are interested in volunteering and funding our initiatives.

To enhance the user experience of these individuals iDo has created an online community to build collaboration amongst those involved. Tools featured in our online community are a blogging network, related articles, press releases, and announcements. All tools are available to everyone who accesses the iDo website-creating a greater sense of community worldwide. Please read below for a description of each feature found on the iDo website.


Mentors, students, instructors, parents, and educators who are participating in iDo are encouraged to blog about their experiences with the iDo program. The iDo foundation also encourages people who are interested in the program to join our blog too. By blogging as a community we are extending ourselves and our knowledge world wide-for those who may want to start a similar program within their own community.


Articles found on the iDo website are directly related to the program and its efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please read through each article as it will give a greater understanding of what iDo is currently working on and how its affecting the surrounding community.

Press Releases

Press releases featured on our website reflect significant achievements made by those involved with iDo, recent completion of projects, funding initiatives, etc. Please check back with us frequently to get the most recent update of iDo and our efforts to become internationally known.


Announcements about projects, funding, and community events will be made available online. Again, please check back with us periodically to learn about what is new with iDo.

Finishing Touches Ryan and Jennifer place the finishing touches on the Community Bench at TMHS.
Ideation Josh reviews the ideation board with a student during one of the initial projects put on by iDo.

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