Martin Linder is Awarded with the SARLO Award for Distinguished Teaching

San Francisco State University has chosen Professor Martin Linder to receive the 2008 Sarlo Distinguished Teaching Award. The award is given to a faculty member whom demonstrates "extraordinary, meaningful, and lasting" contributions in the field of teaching at SFSU.

Professor Linder has repeatedly demonstrated excellence in the field of education while working within San Francisco State University's Design and Industry Department to educate and inspire the next generation of designers. He has served as the graduate advisor to Design and Industry students, sat upon the Academic Senate, conducted classes ranging from basic to advanced design and research theory, and served as a connecting point between students and the professional world. Enabled by his guidance and vision, organizations such as iDo (Industrial Design Outreach) connect college level designers with local elementary and high school students. Professor Linder's passion for education and community involvement are demonstrated by iDo's mission to provide outreach to students who are traditionally outside of the university setting through free design and handcrafted education. Professor Linder's, contributions within and outside of the university stand as a model for excellence in education.

Guests are welcome to attend the formal presentation of the award to Professor Linder at the SFSU University Faculty Convocation which will be held in McKenna Theater on San Francisco State's main campus located on Holloway Avenue, on August 25 at 8:30 AM.

iDo Releases Video Documentary of Community Bench The Industrial Design Outreach (iDo) is pleased to announce the release of a video documentary of their collaboration with Thurgood Marshall Academic High School students in the creation of a Community Bench. The documentary was released for worldwide viewing through YouTube's online distribution network.
Community Bench Unvailed at Thurgood Marshall This project introduced high school students to the basics of design and fabrication. The bench integrates ergonomic, semiotic, and manufacturing subject matter into hands-on learning. Students were trained in computer design programs, rapid model prototyping, and the use of power equipment to make final parts of the bench.
iDo Receives Funding from The Fear Not Foundation The Fear Not Foundation has granted the San Francisco State University Industrial Design Outreach Program with a generous financial gift in honor of Norman A. Willock. The Fear Not Foundation believes that supporting design education will help to create the next generation of problem solvers.
iDo Launches Experiential Learning Project at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School iDo announced the return of the Community Bench Project to Thurgood Marshall Academic High School. The Community Bench Project applies experiential learning to introduce high school students to design practices through the design and fabrication of a bench.

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