Industrial Design Outreach Privacy Policy

The Industrial Design Outreach (iDo) program is committed to protecting the rights and safety of individuals visiting the iDo website. The following privacy policy will inform you about iDo's security protocol and how to ensure your safety. iDo also reserves the right to change the following privacy policy at any time. Any changes to this document will be posted to our website.

Needed Information

iDo only seeks information for enrollment in its online community, and will not require you to provide unnecessary information. Any information that is collected has a purpose, and will be explained to you in detail. Please be advised that it is not mandatory for you to provide such information, however, failure to do so will prevent successful enrollment.

Use of Information

Information collected on the iDo site is minimal and consist of a permission slip between iDo personnel, the high school instructor, the students legal guardians, and the student. The permission slip allows students between the ages of 14 and 18 to participate in an online community hosted by iDo and Basecamp.

Any and all information submitted to iDo is confidential and will only be seen by necessary parties.

Online Store

iDo contracts with Google Checkout for the sale of goods purchased through the iDo website. Any information collected by Google Checkout is beyond the jurisdiction of iDo and is subject to different terms and privacy policies. Please visit for more information.
  1. Purchasing Items Purchasing goods through the iDo online store will require additional personal information and financial information. Persons thirteen years of age or younger may not make purchases without the consent of an adult.
  2. Financial Security iDo has contracted with Google Checkout as their ecommerce provider. All purchases made through Google Checkout are protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSI) and 128-bit encryption. Please visit for more information.
Basecamp & Blogger by Google

iDo also contracts with Basecamp and Googles Blogger. Both are tools necessary to establish an online community. Additional information may be required outside of the iDo permission slip to establish an account with Blogger. Please read the following privacy policies which pertain to Basecamp and Blogger by Google.
  1. Basecamp
  2. Blogger by Google
  1. Our Changes Changes can be made to the iDo website at anytime. This includes this privacy policy. Please visit frequently as any changes will be posted here.
  2. You're Changes Personal accounts through the iDo online community may be canceled at anytime and for any reason. To cancel your account please e-mail Martin Linder at
General Use
  1. Links iDo is not responsible for content posted to websites that link to or from the iDo website. While iDo makes an honest effort to prevent unwanted information from entering your home it is not a guarantee. Please be aware of what you're clicking on, and if you are thirteen or younger seek parental permission before proceeding.

  2. Security
    • Personal Information To protect your personal information please visit for tips and facts regarding your safety.
    • Accessability Personal information provided to iDo is secure and has limited access to other employees. Information about users and accounts is provided on a need to know basis.
    • Children under thirteen iDo does not allow children younger than thirteen to access its online community, provided by Basecamp. Further, iDo will not seek or provide offers to children who are known to be younger than fourteen (the minimum age to be a member of iDo's online community).
    • Communication iDo reserves the right to send e-mails to all affiliates pertaining to issues that concern personal information, security, or administrative need.

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