Pushing Boundaries Once a year iDo puts on two work shops-one for middle school children and another for elementary school children. The children in these work shops are from many different walks of life, and the experience is different from one child to the next. However, what is consistent about these projects is the effort, time, and compassion that iDo and its mentors put into it each year.

Understanding & Compassion

In every classroom there is going to be a child who struggles more than the next, a child who is living in poverty, or a child whose first language isn't English. Whatever the issue is, there is not a "quick fix" for time spent understanding each individual child's situation.

As educators and mentors it is our job to provide students with the knowledge to manage life's happenings, practices, safety, and to hold oneself accountable for decisions made during the design process. These skills will help them to make better decisions about important issues in the future.

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