Us-The iDo Experience

The San Francisco State University Industrial Design Outreach Program is concluding an inspiring year of outreach to San Francisco High School Students. iDo focused their efforts on the Thurgood Marshall Academic High School Community Bench Project. The Community Bench Project planning began in the winter of 2007, and was delivered to twenty four Thurgood Marshall High school students during a twenty two week period from October 2007 to January 2008.

The iDo Community Bench Project has been in one simple word; REMARKABLE. The high school students, teachers, and mentors have been incredibly committed to the experience. The project has taken a number of engaged and nonengaged high school students through an experiential learning process, resulting in many important learning outcomes. To a student, they have participated with the highest level of commitment and passion.

During the project high school students have researched, worked in teams, generated ideas, studied semiotics, worked with computer design software, and trained in the use of hand tools to develop rough prototypes. The students were trained in the safe use of power drills, scroll saws, gig saws, band saws, dremels, clamping, etc, for the manufacture of their bench panels in high grade plywood and veneer. iDo was in the classroom every morning, teaching, demonstrating, guiding, problem solving, inspiring, evolving the curriculum and truly enjoying the experience with each other.

The success of the iDo Community Bench Project may be best illustrated through the recognitions awarded to the program including a front page feature article in the San Francisco Chronicle news paper and exhibition of the Community Bench at the San Francisco De-Young Museums Young at Art Show.

Leaps & Bounds Not fond of school, Darrel took pride in his work on the bench project, thus improving attendance.
Beyond Art While building their creativity, students also learned life skills, like public speaking and team work.
Achieving Excellence For the first time ever many students earned above average grades-building their confidence.
Brainstorming Jessie works hard on his digital rendering, which he would eventually apply to his final piece.

iDo:Industrial Design Outreach | Fine Arts Building 419 | 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132