Working Together

When beginning a project it is important that the goals and parameters are clearly defined. This enables students to have a clear idea of project expectations.

To begin
  1. Instructors and mentors define specific goals that students are expected to achieve by using the computer and traditional hand craftsmanship.
  2. Students should be grouped based on the goals of the project. Will student's work individually, in small groups, or as part of a large groups?
  3. What is the student's timeline? It is important that students know the deadlines and important milestones. Doing so ensures that students can meet those developmental deliverables and will help to ensure success among all.
  4. Students are educated about the skills they need to execute their project and their responsibilities for meeting deadlines.
To end
  1. Students participate in critiques to evaluate what worked and what didn't. This is a good time to discuss methodology so that adjustments might be made.
  1. Community Bench Project
  2. T-Shirt Project
  3. Lighting Project
  4. Drum Project
  5. CD Project
  6. Board Game Project

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